Nokia: Will They Or Won’t They?

Nokia are well-known for “having a go” at almost any operating system out there (it’s latest acquisition was Smarterphone OS which Nokia acquired in November 2011).

Tweet Speculation regarding Nokia and AndroidRecent speculation turned to the likelihood of the company giving Android a run. This was largely based on a tweet pointing to a job advertisement for a “Senior Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware”, and for a short while really gave the tech press something to get their teeth into.

Tweet Speculation regarding Nokia and AndroidHowever, this notion has since been put to rest by a Nokia tweet where it was confirmed that job was aimed at Nokia HERE Maps Support – and the job advertisement has since been removed.

Nokia Asha 206Nokia recently moved to the Windows Phone platform, in the form of the Lumia, with some success and the product is gaining positive reviews (CNET said “If you want to move into the world of Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 920 is the phone to get.” whilst TechRadar reported “It’s the best Windows Phone device out there, but there is room for improvement.”). More recently Nokia announced that they are introducing more phones to the Asha range, based on Nokia’s Series 40 Operating System, which aims to provide a low-cost option for smart phone users.

A company the size of Nokia is likely to require all manner of operating systems experience and a quick look at the jobs on offer highlight this – for example a position exists for a Principal Software Engineer with HTML5, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android skills which another position, for a Senior Systems Engineer, is looking for Linux, JBoss, Apache, and PHP experience.

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