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Sonic PDF CreatorIt seems most document editing software these days includes a feature to export a working document into the more portable format, particularly Adobe “PDF”, but what if you want to do something more than simply save in that format? And what happens if you want to manipulate an existing PDF and do not have the original document available?

Sonic PDF CreatorDepending on your needs the most appropriate route may be to head for the industry standard Adobe Acrobat however there are cheaper alternatives available so in this review we will be taking a look at one such alternative “Sonic PDF Creator”, from which has recently undergone a considerable face lift.

The latest version (3.0) of Sonic PDF Creator adds, as the makers say, “…a new GUI that improves usability and functionality when performing certain PDF tasks.” adding to existing features such as batch conversion of files, watermarking, splitting pages from existing PDF files and merging PDF pages together in one file.

First up the Sonic PDF Creator is not a full-blow editor so you cannot create PDF files, by adding text and images from scratch, directly within the application. What the application does is allow you to build new PDF files from existing files and manipulate existing PDF files.

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