Quick Tip: Anchor Symbol In Microsoft Word

anchor-point-wordDepending on the settings you have enabled, in Microsoft Word, for displaying formatting marks you may notice an anchor symbol in the left hand margin of certain paragraphs – these paragraphs will usually have an image nearby.

anchor-point-word2The anchor symbol indicates an “anchor point” to associate an image with a paragraph so that if a paragraph is moved, to say another page, the image will follow. The anchor point can also be moved to a different paragraph to reassign the association (although the image won’t necessarily move if the new paragraph is on the same page).

The anchor point can also be locked to ensure the image always stays with the paragraph by right-clicking the image, clicking on Size and Position, then clicking on the “Position” tab. Under the section labelled “Options” is the “Lock anchor” checkbox. If the box is checked the anchor symbol will show a small padlock next to it.

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