20 Tell Tale Signs It’s Time To Update Your Computer

Here are some tell tale signs that it’s time to update your computer

  • You are afraid to switch it off in case it doesn’t start up again
  • You tell people you don’t play games on your computer but really it’s because the games don’t actually work on your computer
  • Your computer manufacturer doesn’t have a website anymore
  • You are still running Windows 3 because you just can’t get the drivers you need
  • Your kids would rather read a book
  • Visitors to your home often remark “Oh, I remember those” whilst pointing at your computer
  • You load up the word processor then head off to make a cup of tea whilst you wait for it to load
  • You had no idea Windows was up to 7 already
  • You no longer use a spell checker in emails because you want to send them the same day
  • Your computer has a cassette tape recorder for storing files
  • The gremlins can’t be bothered to crash your computer from time to time
  • Switching it off and on again requires turning a crank or replacing a valve
  • All the letters and numbers have faded completely on your keyboard
  • You don’t need a mouse to operate your computer – in fact there isn’t anywhere to plug one in
  • It is quicker to go down the shops than do your shopping online
  • You hear a peculiar screeching noise coming from a little box when you connect to the Internet
  • The pile of dust gathering around your computer has an almost arty feel to it
  • Visitors to your home never ask if they can “just check their email
  • Adding up lists of numbers is quicker using long hand
  • People have stopped making fun of your computer and now just look at you endearingly

Add to this list – what are your tell tale signs that it is time to update your computer?

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