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I recently heard about an interesting application and an extremely handy
interface between mobile and fixed devices called ReachMyFile. I don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch (yet) but ReachMyFile certainly sounds like an application that would be on my must have list.


If you need to quickly access your Apple Mac files whilst on the move you have limited choices. You could try and view your computer screen remotely but you just need your files right?

ReachMyFile’s purpose-built screen display means you don’t need to  navigate a tiny desktop on your iPhone. You just get access to the  information you need, where and when you need it.

ReachMyFile bridges that gap by providing a secure remote file access service. Perhaps you have left a presentation on your Mac or need access to that spreadsheet? Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Images files including JPG and PNG, as well as audio and video files can be quickly and easily, and securely, transferred using ReachMyFile.

ReachMyFile ReachMyFile

With the ReachMyFile service installed on your computer you can hook into the service and download your files, you can even email them onwards across the various data networks. As ReachMyFile explain “ReachMyFile creates an encrypted link between your iPhone and your computer, allowing you to access your files privately and securely

ReachMyFile ReachMyFile

ReachMyFile consists of two parts: a software service which sits on your Mac OS X computer (it can be started and stopped in the Administration page) and the mobile software which you download onto your iPhone or iPod touch. Handy Connection Status icons on the mobile device let you know the current connection state. It is worth mentioning that both parts need to be active on the Internet to be able to connect.

Best of all you can try a lite version of ReachMyFile, available from the App Store, to see if it suits your purposes (it is worth doing this to ensure your router fully supports the application).

If you do decide to upgrade the fully-featured paid version is reasonably priced.

ReachMyFile ReachMyFile

It would be great to see a windows version so us PC owners can get access to our files whilst on the move but Apple Mac users are sure to be quite happy.

If you have used, or are using, ReachMyFile let me know how you are getting on with it.

You can learn more about ReachMyFile at their website: and read their useful FAQ at

You can also see ReachMyFile in action on YouTube at

For more insights read Jennifer Van Grove’s review of the service on Mashable in her article Access, Download, and View Your Mac Files From Your iPhone and Arron’s review on RazorianFly in the article ReachMyFile: Access your files Privately, and Securely.

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