Thinking About A Design Template?

When starting out on a new web site you may want to get things up and running quickly, or you may want to get your feet wet with a smaller project to help you get up to speed with things – in this article lets look at some of the options on offer.

If building a blog or a content managed system there are a number of things you can do which could help you get going quickly – it really is worth spending some time up front to ensure you have covered the basics such as choosing a platform, how you are going to assess performance, and how you might stand out from the ever increasing crowd. If your primary concern is content you might want to consider a content management system which can take care of all the technical functionality you need allowing you to focus on the words you type, the images you design or the words you speak.

Once you have decided upon your content area and what you want your site to be about you may then start thinking about how to best present it – this is important to ensure it is not only eye catching but consistent and easy to navigate.

For the design – one of the big considerations you will need to make is whether you do it yourself or go with a professional designer, and whilst there really is no alternative to a unique ‘just for you’ professional design you may still consider a website template which can often slip easily into a content management system (always check with the supplier for compatibility) to help you get started. A custom designed template can help you stand out from the crowd but can sometimes be more costly than an off the shelf template in the early days when you may not have fully decided upon your brand image.

To support the look and feel of your site you may also want to consider a custom logo design – this is the thing that is likely to be your standard bearer and what everybody will (or should) instantly recognise as being your site. There are many things to take into account when considering a brand logo but a number of sites are available to help you including Logowind. Of course you might also want to take on the task yourself – in which case here as some graphic design tools on a budget. If you decide upon using a professional logo designer you can find more information in 81 of the best logo design resources or pay a visit to LogoLounge.

When starting a small business, or wanting to share your new site and products with the world, you may also want to consider the production of a brochure, either a printed or electronic brochure. A typical brochure can be time consuming to layout and without committing a lot of time and effort you may not present your site at its best. Fortunately there are now services available which offer both brochure templates and custom designs.

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