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How To Reset A HP Jetdirect 300X To Default

Jason Slater
  • On Tuesday, 13 January 2009

These instructions explain how to reset a HP Jetdirect 300X to its factory default settings. The HP Jetdirect 300X is a self contained print server around the size of an A5 book and is useful for parallel port only printers to the network.

First off, a configuration page can be produced by pressing the Test button on the Jetdirect device itself then releasing it.

To reset the device to its default:

  • Remove the power and all other cables leading in to the Jetdirect
  • Leave the device powered down for about 30 seconds
  • Re-apply the power lead
  • Wait a couple of minutes
  • Connect the parallel cable
  • Produce a configuration page to double check the device has been reset
  • Re-connect the network cable

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  1. TC Slater

    The instructions given do not reset the unit to defaults.

    Here’s the instuctions from the HP website (
    I’m sure that link will change.

    To cold reset an HP Jetdirect external print server, unplug the power cord from the HP Jetdirect print server, then hold down the TEST button (on top of or in back of the HP Jetdirect) for five to 30 seconds while plugging in the power cord

  2. Dave

    This only power cycles the device.

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