Review: EC Technology Sports Headset

Review: EC Technology Sports Headset at

I have previously talked about how my favourite, wired, sports headphones had finally given up and died on me. Actually they didn’t so much give up on me rather they were ripped from my head. It was the wires that did for them in the end as the wire got caught in a piece of gym equipment and then, pop, bare wire and no more music to get me through the session.

Since then I have been on the look out for a set of wireless sports head phones that can take their rightful place in my gym bag. In this review we will be taking a look at the Sports Headset from EC Technology which offers wireless performance using Bluetooth and Apt-X.

Scam Alert: Watch out for Fake Facebook Tag Emails

Have you received any emails saying you have been tagged on Facebook recently?

If so, do not click on the links in the email.

Scam Alert: Watch out for Fake Facebook Tag EmailsEmails are currently circulating with the subject “Pending Facebook Tags” and the email message “Hi, Check out this cool video they tagged us in on Facebook I was scared at first but then laughed hysterically when I saw it”.

The scammers of this email will be laughing quite a lot if you click on the link included in the email as the email is fake and the links do not go to Facebook. The links instead go to compromised websites where the scammers will attempt to get you to hand over your Facebook account details.

Rather sneakily, and somewhat cheekily, the scammers have also included a message “If you no longer wish to receive these [emails] go here” with the “here” being a hyperlink to a compromised website. Don’t click on that link either.

Facebook have a dedicated section to deal with spam and phishing emails. For more information head over to Facebook: Help Centre: Phishing.

Review: Barista Cup from Magicup

It is always tricky to review something new when there is little else to compare it against; and such is true for the Barista from Magicup. Mind you, if you have ever double-stacked a paper drinking cup because it was too hot to hold, or spent ages cleaning spilt coffee stains, then this is certainly for you. Magicup is tackling fibre-based paper drinking cups and creating a next generation drinking experience through evolutionary technical improvements including anti-spill technology, 360 degree drinking, and sense delights with improved access to drink aroma.

Scam Alert: Barclays PINsentry Users Be Aware Of Scam Emails

Users of Barclays PINsentry security device, for accessing online banking, should be particularly vigilant with email at the moment.

Scam Alert: Barclays PINsentry Users Be Aware Of Scam EmailsA scam email is doing the rounds stating “We detected irregular activity on your account” and asks users “For your protection using PINsentry and verify this activity before you can continue using your account”. Weird grammar aside the email goes on to say, “Please download the document attached to this email to review your account activity.

Scam Alert: Barclays PINsentry Users Be Aware Of Scam Emails

An attachment, “confirm.htm”, is attached to the email, purporting to ask users for personal information to verify their identity. However, the download document actually contains a link to a, presumably, hacked website.

Barclays say, on their website, “Never log in to Online Banking through a link in an email. Either type the address into your browser or use your bookmarks”, and they also say, “Never give your PIN, password, PINsentry codes or full security details to anyone who calls you, and never reveal them in an email or text message.”.

Review: EC Technology Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Over the last few years portable speaker technology has evolved quite considerably, from wired to wireless, and from manufacturers own wireless technology to Bluetooth profiles. These days Bluetooth portable speakers are becoming everyday, must-have, items thus the price is constantly being driven down whilst the technology, packed inside, climbs ever upwards.

In this review we will be taking a look at a portable Bluetooth speaker from EC Technology currently available for an astonishing price of just £16.99 (price checked EC Technology Bluetooth Speaker, as at 10th November 2015).

Review: A6 Neckband Bluetooth Sports Headset

Review: A6 Neckband Bluetooth Sports Headset at

Recently, my favourite ear buds reached the end of their life which was a shame as they were a pretty decent set with some nice noise reduction. They were a wired set which is where they eventually came unstuck but nonetheless they served me well for a good few years. As a result I have been on the lookout for a potential replacement set and, hopefully, this time they may be wireless.

Around the same time as my old set failing I was asked by Syllable to take a look at their A6 Neckband Bluetooth Sports Headset, currently retailing around $29.99 (price checked Amazon 27th October 2015, see Sports Headset Syllable A6). The A6 are available in both black and white colour variations and the set used for this review are the white version (Model: Syllable A6-002). For a Bluetooth headset the A6 seems quite keenly priced so I was eager to take a closer look.